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Established in 1997, Shelter Industry (Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Canadian Joint Venture Corporation located in the Wuqing Development area of Tianjin, in the Peoplesí» Republic of China.
    Shelter Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. combines over 25 years experience in the design and manufacturer of industrial camps and related structures in North America with a geographic and strategic partnership designed to service the Asian markets and beyond. With camp installations worldwide, Shelter Industry (Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. delivers a multitude of camp styles and life support systems to meet your specific temporary, permanent or portable camp requirements for all climatic conditions.
    Shelter Industry (Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. has earned its reputation as a leader of advanced techniques in camp design, manufacturing and production capability, with specific attention paid to its qualified engineering and production staff.
    Shelter Industry (Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. took the lead by implementing The ISO 9001 certification, and holds a new patent design on wood frame modular buildings .
    Our clients include Oil & Gas Companies, Mining Resource Companies, Government, Defense Forces and General Industry.
Address: Fuyuan Road, Wuqing Development Zone No. 1  Zip Code:301700  Tel:86-2282112247  Fax:86-2282119803
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